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Hello! I normally do not critique works of others because I can barely draw so I don't feel with the legitimacy enought to do so. But I will do an exception and try to critique a little. First of all I LOVE the concept and your execution: my bestiary is called "Bestiary of the Golden Hipogriff" although that Hipogriff appear sometimes as a gryph so this is just like a dream for me :la: :)
To the critique now:

I think there is a problem with the proportion in the inferior legs (lion ones). For me is like the body finish before it should, so it is need more depth in the lion legs. To do so maybe it is needed to show long the inferior part of the leg (accompanied or not with a small decrease in the length of the superior part of the leg to keep proportion). I said or not because it depends how the increse of the inferior legs affects the proportions between them.

For the eagle legs I think (but please don't take me so seriously here) that is something strange with the second finger, it feels a little bit unnatural that part of the "hand". Also maybe (I don't know, it is just my opinion) the legs are too closed to the body, narrowing the sight and making more thin (and shorter in lenght the body/legs that i think is the main "problem" here).
Maybe separating the eagle legs a little and fixing? the strange thing in the hands (i don't think it is really an error) can work here.

Well, now are finish my "critique". Please don't take bad that: english it is not my first language so if anything sound too harsh/direct or like a fact it is fault of my communication capacity and not my goal to offend you in any way or to say that your work is bad.

Well, now to the good things:

I really like in here a lot of things. The first of two things is the overall impression and the details: the overall impression the only thing that I can say is that is above epic, I love it, the "camera" is great for me and you choose an angle very strange but it works really nice. I can imagine that I am in other gryph just looking behind my shoulder and see above me that magnificent specimen of gryph.

And... it's moving! you can feel the movement of their wings and his scroll through the air.

The other thing are the details: i like the feathers in his wings and *specially* in the head, so beautiful :) Other detail that I liked is the background gryphs or birds that give depth of field to the picture.

I really like also the eyes but I believe that the brigth in the eyes is a bit excesive in the way is done. I mean, I like the bright but I think it takes a bit of colour. That's opinion of course.

Vision / Originality:
I give you a 4 for the creativity at the hour to capture your idea and the perspective.
I have to say that I am the least appropriate to make value judgments of other people techniques. For this 3.5 I don't mean the execution of the technique (that I cannot say anything because I like it a lot) but the final result... sorry if I can't explain myself better...I think there is a lof of work in here.

Impact: I give you here my maximum note (i didn't give a 5 in the two critiques I have wrote [this is the second]) because I just fall in love to the concept.

The impact in me is great because made me gather the courage to write this critique.

This is a superb work and goes directly to my Best folder of the pictures I have seen in deviantart and hope a lot of artists can enjoy this piece of ART.

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OGUROXTEOS Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
bueno no te se decir no soy mucho de andar criticando a otros por que todavia no soy nivel dios ( COF COF XDDD) pero creo que tu critica esta bien y la apruebo pero ... el griphon esta increible..... aunque no soy fanatica de griphins! ....prefiero las cosas de muchas patas, muchos ojos, muchas bocas y colas, y que sean de sangre fria o caliente! pero a simple vista el impacto visual del griphin es super cooL!.......
Jakeukalane Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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